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Features100%: brand new and high quality.It is suitable for various kinds of cartrucksboats, and motorcycle.Super loud for long time using.Dual trumpet with compressor design.High technology and exqu. 12V Electric Dual Tone Trumpet Super Loud Air Horn Compressor Car Truck Train US.
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1 Add to cart 1 Add to My List. Zone Tech 12V Dual Trumpet Horn Premium Quality Classic Black Super Loud Powerful Train Sound Shiny Dual Car Van Truck Boat Air Horn. by Zone Tech. Great" buy" By Tammy. This horn is perfect for what I wanted it for.
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However, before purchasing a loud train horn, understand that some restrictions exist as to how loud is legally too loud. The code states in California, Every motor vehicle, when operated upon a highway, shall be equipped with a horn in good working order and capable of emitting sound audible under normal conditions from a distance of no less than 200 feet, but no horn shall emit an unreasonably loud or harsh sound. The above-mentioned law leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The average car horn emits about 110 decibels unit used to measure sound, so if you are in the market, be sure to check your state restrictions on dB level and codes before spending the cash.
I want the loudest emergency vehicle air horn that can be please! Ars Technica OpenForum.
If you put a loud horn on a small car with no lights and blow it, you could run into a situation where a younger inexperienced driver or just someone who isn't' paying enough attention could panic thinking that there is something big that they can't' see coming at them and cause an accident. Sure it's' just a possibility but why would you put yourself into a position where that could happen just so you can express your righteous indignation to people who piss you off. Ars Legatus Legionis. Registered: Jul 2, 2000. Posted: Wed May 01, 2002 1247: pm. quote: Oh yeah, one more thing: This is a forum for expressing angst and stuff, SS is well within his rights to express his feelings towards a very prevalent problem, so let's' not turn this into an SS bashing thread.
The MINI but LOUD Horn is exactly that, a loud 100 decibel horn. It's' small size makes it easy to install in any car, RV, motorcycle, Etc. All steel construction, painted to provide reliable service in all weather conditions. Built with better quality for a loud sound.
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May be you need a loud horn for your car, truck or motorcycle. If you are in the transport industry you may have safety reasons for wanting a loud horn. But you can also fit a loud Dixie horn on your car or motor cycle just for fun.
Loud Bicycle Car horn for bikes.
People automatically stop when they hear the horn, even though I'm' just on a bike. Caitlin the Eco Cajun, Louisiana. This sucker is LOUD. That car stopped in. Laura Van Loh, Los Angeles. I use it daily and it has truly saved my life.
These are the loudest car horns that you can buy My shiny car.
It is a bit loud for a car. The people that can use this kind of horn are people who have trucks that carry large amounts of cargo. It will help in cases where there is brake failure as the horn is loud enough it can also help where the distance cant allow for braking.

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