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Blast the unmistakable La Cucaracha folk song from your car, truck or SUV. The Trigger Horns The Roach Coach La Cucaracha Air Horn Kit is sure to get your ride the attention it deserves. This super loud car horn uses five ABS trumpets powered by a 12V compressor.
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Veloci-Raptor Horn Kits. Introducing Veloci-Raptor kits from Kleinn 100% bolt-on onboard air train horn systems for 2009 through 2014 Ford F-150 Ford SVT Raptor trucks! High performance train horn and onboard air installations just got a whole lot easier. Three different kit to choose from, featuring our 730 Demon, the 230 Beast or Model 220 dual train horns. AIR PRESSURE GAUGES. Compare Our Gauges. View Our Fittings. PREVENT AIR LEAKS. Top Truck Builders Choose Kleinn Products.
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Loud 152 Decibels Single Trumpet Semi Truck Air Horn. Loud 152 Decibels Single Trumpet Semi Truck Air Horn. Special Price: 83.95. As low as: 144.95 Buy Now. Super Loud 170 Decibels Train Air Horn Kit. Super Loud 170 Decibels Train Air Horn Kit.
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the dimensions of the air tank, compressor and horns prior to purchase to make sure it will fit your application. On all Purchases. Typically packages ship within 24 hrs. Expert advice on everything we offer Since 1991. World's' Leading Brands. Featuring more than 1000, products from the best brands. I've' cobbled together a train horn setup on my truck before, but the kit I bought from Tempest Train Horn Kit came with very high quality parts. Install was simple and the horns work flawlessly.
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Hadley is the worldwide leader in air horn systems. Youll see our horns used as original equipment on over-the-road, tractor/trailer rigs. And, when combined with a Hadley Air Compressor, theyre the number one horn used on SUVs, 4 x 4s, vans, pickup trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, and power / sail boats.
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View all Air Horn. Air Horn Kit. See all results. View all Air Horn Air Horn Kit. Air Horn Compressor Kit. Train Horn Kit. Air Horn Compressor. Truck Air Horn. Hadley Air Horn. Car Air Horn. Motorcycle Air Horn. Also shop in.
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Horn aficionados buying for their passenger vehicles may opt for a compact kit, which will fit perfectly in the limited space available in a passenger vehicles. However, the larger kits will work fine in passenger vehicles also. While used truck air horns are available, it is better to buy a new kit with the specifications to suit your particular vehicle.
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NEW For Train Horn Compressor Rated 90/120 PSI BRAND Air Pressure Switch. NEW For Train Horn Compressor Rated 110/140 PSI Air Pressure Switch. New Truck Lorry Boat Train SINGLE TRUMPET AIR HORN KIT 12V Compressor Super Loud. Go to next slide Make an offer.

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