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Universal Orient Express Train Horn with On-Board Air System by Wolo. The Orient Express Has Been Designed Smaller in Size for the Vehicle Owner That Wants a Powerful Train Horn Sound. Made to Fit into an Engine Compartment That Has.
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Awaken your vehicles inner General Lee with the Wolo Dukes of Hazzard Air Horn. Blasting the Dixieland Dukes" of Hazzard" tune at 120 dB-530/680 Hz through five plastic trumpets, this musical car horn is powered by a 12V compressor for an extra loud sound. Trigger Horns Evac Trumpet Train Horn Kit.
How To Make Your Car Sound Like a Freight Train.
Horns from any big car will do, but if you're' the type who'll' settle for nothing less than the best, go for the four-note train horn from an old Cadillac or Buick. GM's' two-note horns were loud, and the four-note setup ridiculously loud.
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3-Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit for Trucks: Complete 12v System Includes Everything. Product Sliver Tone Metal Lond Sound 3-Trumpet Car Truck Train Air Horn Kit DC 12V. Sliver Tone Metal Lond Sound 3-Trumpet Car Truck Train Air Horn Kit DC 12V.
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The fine for violation of these rules is 108 unless there are other violations on your license. If you are a Texan, your car can fail its annual exam if you are found to have a train horn on your car.
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From the heavy duty air lines, extreme pressure tested air tanks to the compact air compressors; each component of the air horn kits has been personally installed and tested by our experienced fabricators and custom car builders. Previously a novelty item, train horn kits for cars were a makeshift design and the variations in each setup created issues for the owners.
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We deliver the loudest train horn kits you can buy with the best service possible. Our train horn kits are simply ridiculous! We sell the same horns used on real trains and trust us, they are the loudest train horns money can buy.
does anyone know how to make a cheap train horn?
I'd' be very interested to see how this works for you; keep us all updated and make an ible if you do it. skittlespider author Reply 2010-08-17. A car with a train horn would be pretty awesome. I personally have always wanted one of those old aooga" type horns for my car.

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